The Stockholm Run

Cover of The Stockholm Run

'The Stockholm Run' is a fast-paced thriller set largely in Edinburgh and Stockholm during World War Two.

It’s March 1943. The death of an intruder reveals a hidden military bunker at Dundas Castle near Edinburgh, a living relic of an anti-invasion scheme from earlier in the war. Bob Sutherland and the Military Intelligence 11 team follow a trail that leads to a much larger secret, buried beneath Edinburgh Castle.

As the mystery in Edinburgh unravels, Bob Sutherland and Monique Dubois are sent to Stockholm, a city supposedly at peace in a world at war. There they are to take delivery of a message of critical national importance.

Or is it all a carefully crafted trap? Both encounter ghosts from the past in Sweden. Can their relationship survive what they uncover? Will they live long enough for that to matter?

'The Stockholm Run' by Ken Lussey was published on 26 May 2022. You can find out more about the book, read background information, reviews and excerpts from it and see photographs of the locations used on Ken Lussey's own website.

Cover of The Stockholm Run


RA Cary, 15 September 2023: "Very good read. I enjoyed this so much, I had to buy and read the rest of the series."

Kindle Customer, 29 August 2023: "Five stars. Loving this series. I got the first book on offer in Waterstones and thought it was worth a go at the price. Totally hooked me. Become a firm favourite and look forward to many more adventures for Bob and Monique."

Windy Tree, 9 August 2023: "Five stars. Gripping WW2 thriller... Right from the 'Prologue' this book had me hooked... Very well written with interesting true facts..."

NextToTheAisle on Twitter, 27 January 2023: "Loved this book by Ken Lussey. The Stockholm Run weaves a lovely tale about espionage and grows his character arc by making his universe bigger."


DebsBookReviews, 12 September 2022: "Five star review... it had me hooked... Highly recommended."

NextToTheAisle, 20 July 2022: "Superb new thriller by Ken Lussey... Lussey as always writes with a real clarity and conciseness, his style is matter of fact but he is helped by a keen eye for period detail painting a wonderful picture of war-torn Stockholm due to his intense research; Lussey loves writing about new places from the architecture, to the fashion of the time. He takes care to share the opulence in the Grand Hotel so it shines forth from the page... Written with a pleasing dependability a returning series provides, The Stockholm Run is a must for fans of World War 2 history and lore. A faithful imagining of fictional work set amidst history changing before their eyes."

BrunoA, 27 June 2022, (excerpts translated from original French): "Twists and turns, right to the last line, grand settings, precise descriptions and meticulous historical precision are the ingredients of a particularly successful and enjoyable novel. Undoubtedly the best of the author's thrillers, which we close with regret and which makes you want to know what happens to the characters on their next adventures."

Bloody Orkney

Cover of Bloody Orkney

We published 'Bloody Orkney' by Ken Lussey on 29 June 2021. This is a fast-paced thriller set in Scotland, mainly in Orkney, during World War Two. It's November 1942. Bob Sutherland, Monique Dubois and the Military Intelligence 11 team visit Orkney and its hugely important naval base. But an unidentified body has been found. It's clear that powerful men have things they want to keep hidden and MI11’s arrival threatens the status quo.

The First Two Novels

Cover of Eyes Turned Skywards Cover of The Danger of Life

We also sell - again signed and dedicated at no extra cost by Ken Lussey if you wish - paperback editions of his two previous thrillers set in Scotland during World War Two, 'Eyes Turned Skywards' and 'The Danger of Life'. These were published by Fledgling Press in 2018 and 2019 respectively.